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           The Plymouth Philharmonic Orchestra gratefully acknowledges our contributors for their generous support of the Phil’s
           programs and concerts.  We are proud of our 103 year history and the bright future ahead and thank everyone who makes
           it possible.  The following reflects contributions for last fiscal year beginning July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2020.

          Legacy Society       Soloist Sponsor/      Peter Gaudette and Jean Marie   Benefactors  Martine Anderson
          Estate of Pauline Geischecker  Brahms Circle  Eufrazio          ($250-$499)          Ruth W. Anderson
          Estate of Stanley Merry                    Kerr Dental Associates                    Jerome S. Haller and Penny Axelrod
                               ($2,500-$4,999)       Drs. Kathleen and Sanford Leslie  Mary Anderson  Joan Bartlett
                                                                          Peter and Betsy Appleby
          Bach Circle/         Virginia Birge        Mary and Harvey LeSueur  Ms. Lois Atherton  Robert and Virginia Bartlett
                                                     John and Gretchen Moran
                                                                                               Jan and Gene Blanchard
                               Merrill and William Bloor
          Series Sponsor       Fred and Barbara Clifford  Bradford Morgan  Arthur P. Bennett   Robert and Seneath Bostrom
                                                                          Richard and Victoria Brown
                                                     Philip Morgan
                                                                                               Barbara Bracken
          ($25,000-$49,999)    Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation  Tom and Ellen Nordquist  Claire and Chuck Brush  Susan and Charlie Bradford
                               John Emler
          Deborah and Steven Bowen  Philip and Pamela Hildebrandt  Plymouth Education Foundation,   Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Dapprich  Aileen and LeBaron Briggs
                               Paul and Cathy Jean    Inc.                Jim and Elaine Dawson  Mrs. Anne G. Britt
                                                                          Dick and Sally Domenico
          Concert Sponsor/     Michael and Patricia Keys  Plymouth Rotary Club  Marc and Maureen Garrett  Mr. and Mrs. Donald Brown
                                                     Plymouth Solar Energy
                                                                                               Pat and Steve Brylinsky
          Copland Circle       Market Basket         Dr. John O’Brien and Ms. Jill   Larry and Marcia Gingold  Mr. and Mrs.  Dalton Burdge
                               Pilgrim Bank Foundation
                                                                          Nancy A. Gordon
          ($10,000-$24,999)    Kiernan E. Skinner    Jim and Mary Quinlan  Hannon-Murphy Insurance  Bernard Burdick and Ellen
          Anonymous (2)        Tiny & Sons Glass     Second Wind Brewing Company   Maureen A. Healey  Tom Burke
          Paul and Petie Blanchard  W.H. Cornerstone Investments, Inc.  LLC  Lee and Kathleen Heiler  Maurice and Joan Bursey
          The Cricket Foundation                     Andrew and Marilyn Simon  John and Barbara Joseph  Ed and Susan Butler
          Herb and Paulie Emilson  Event Sponsor/    South Shore Bank     Karen Kuskin-Smith and C. James   Mr. John and Dr. Mary Callahan
          Edgar and Pauline Main Family              Marcy Stanton         Smith               Dr. and Mrs. James E. Callahan
           Foundation          Mozart Circle         Malcolm and Carol Stone  Katherine and Harvey Kowaloff  Charlie and Peg Chace
          Entergy              ($1,500-$2,499)       Mary Toropov         Ms. Deidre Kuring    Mr. Gene Chambers
          Fred J. Brotherton Charitable   Joy and Roger Burns  Ray and Marianne Trevisani  Mary Ann Lambert and Richard   Jack and Patricia Chopoorian
           Foundation          Carol and Thomas Bruce  Jason Wolfson       Horton              William C. Converse
          Jane Funderburk      Rob and Stephanie Cozzone  James and Louise Woodruff  Michel and Catherine Legault  Peter and Mary Curley
          Massachusetts Cultural Council  Phillip and Susan Davis         Karolin and Bob Losert  Mr. and Mrs. Paul Daly
          Doug and Karen McArdle  Eversource Energy Foundation Inc        Ms. Patricia McCorry  Mrs. Anne D’Arcy
          Newfield House       Bill and Paula Harris  Silver Baton        Christine and Kevin McShane  Dorothy Davis
          Rockland Trust Charitable   Thomas and Linda Hurley  ($500-$999)  Medtronic Foundation Volunteer   Pompey and Margi Delafield
           Foundation          IBM International Foundation  Bridgewater Cultural Council, MCC  Grant Program  Vandy and Jeff Densmore
          Sandra J. Shepard    Illinois Tool Works Foundation  Capt. N. Frank and Marilee   Jean and Arthur Naumann  Betsey Detwiler
          Geoffrey and Joyce Stewart  Kerr Dental Associates  Cantelmo    Bobbie Otto and Larry Marraccini  Catherine Donahue
          Town of Plymouth Visitor Services   Ophthalmic Consultants of Boston,   Carver Cultural Council, MCC  Joseph Petras  Cyndy Dorchester
           Bureau                Inc.                Jeff and Amy Clarke and Family  Plympton Cultural Council  Mr. and Mrs. Wells B. Dow
                               Elizabeth and Steven Pineault  Mary Dawley  Sandra Powers       Beth and Bill Doyle
          Orchestra Sponsor/   Plymouth Education Foundation,   Dee and Bill Ferguson  Diana Psilopoulos  James Doyle and Suzanne Clement
                                                                          Suzanne H. Roos
                                                                                               Stephen Dube
          Tchaikovsky Circle   Gene and Ruth Posner Foundation  Granite City Electric Supply  Mr. John Schott  Duxbury Cultural Council
                                                     F. Sherman Hoyt
          ($5,000-$9,999)      Pauline and Richard Serkey  Pat and John Kelso  George and Eunice Scotti  Mr. and Mrs. John Dwyer
                                                                          Allan and Judith Sherman Fund
                                                                                               John and Becky Edmondson
          Anonymous            South Shore Bank      John and Gretchen Knoll  Warren Shoop and Gail Vander-  The Neville Daughters
          Brabson Library and Educational   Bob and Jane Vanderlin  Robert and Ann Kroon  hoven  Philip and Sharon Ferraguto
           Foundation          Gene and Marcy Weiner  Nan Lin, YiDing Yu, Fanni Li and   Angela and Tom Sinnott  Antonio and Giselle Figueiredo
          Henry E. Niles Foundation, Inc.  Joan White  Julie Zhou         Jean Smith           Ms. Patricia Fitzgerald
          Christine and Gregory Gallagher            Robert and Mary Mallon  Lee Smith and Kristine Herrick  Diane Flood
          Becky and Jim Garrett  Haydn Circle        Constance E. Melahoures  Elizabeth “Sunny” Steadman  Mr. Jim Foley
          The Max and Victoria Dreyfus               Neil, Tucker, Lia and Whitney  Mr. and Mrs. William Swanson  Daune and Bill Frey
           Foundation, Inc.    ($1,000-$1,499)       Diane and Rudy Nelson  Lee Tenney         Andrew Funderburk
          Robert and Donna Pineau  Monica and Nolo Ambrosi  Pfautz Consulting Group LLC  Darice and Robert Wareham  Mr. Joseph Gallagher
          Press Family Foundation  In Memory of Jean and Marie   Ellen Remlinger  Mr. and Mrs. Robert White  Dr. Martin and Mrs. Pamela Gaynor
          Calder and Tom Reardon  Blessington        Ed and Barbara Santos  Susan White        Ms. Sarah Geer
          Spooner Trust        Mrs. Elaine Boc       Al and Linda Saunders  Mr. and Mrs. Charles Whitelock  GEM Gravure Co., Inc.
          With Integrity Wealth Manage-  Ben and Anne Brewster  Donald and Elizabeth Spradlin  Carol Gemelli
           ment                Lynn Cabana and Ralph Schunk  James L. and Maureen Sullivan     Geri and Nancy Mortland
          Nathan and June Withington  Thomas and Carol Chapman  Charles A. Weyerhaeuser  Patron  Donald Ross and Nancy-Faye Glass
                               Cordage Commerce Center                    ($100-$249)
                               Eversource Energy Foundation, Inc.                              Harriett Goodman
                               The Gagnon Group, LLC                      Anonymous (5)        Cynthia Goss and Allen Hemberger
                                                                          Gary Allen and Greg Martin  Mr. and Mrs. Philip Guarascio
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