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Composers’ Society 2019-2020

            “Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy.

            Music is the electrical soil in which the spirit lives, thinks and invents.”

            ~ Ludwig van Beethoven

            The Composers’ Society is the orchestra’s leadership group which was launched at the start of the Phil’s
            centennial season in 2015. The Composers’ Society brings together visionary members of the community
            to honor the tradition of the orchestra’s excellence and community generosity and to secure its future.

            Bach Circle                         Brahms Circle                      Haydn Circle
            $25,000 - $49,999                   $2,500-$4,999                      $1,000-$1,499
            Deborah and Steven Bowen            Virginia Birge                     Monica and Nolo Ambrosi
                                                Merrill and William Bloor          Mrs. Elaine Boc
            Copland Circle                      Fred and Barbara Clifford          Lynn Cabana and Ralph Schunk
            $10,000 - $24,999                   John Emler                         Thomas and Carol Chapman
            Paul and Petie Blanchard            Philip and Pamela Hildebrandt      Peter Gaudette and Jean Marie Eufrazio
            Herb and Paulie Emilson             Paul and Cathy Jean                Gerald and Penelope Kriegel
            Jane Funderburk                     Michael and Patricia Keys          Drs. Kathleen and Sanford Leslie
            Doug and Karen McArdle              Kiernan E. Skinner                 Mary and Harvey LeSueur
            Sandra J Shepard                                                       John and Gretchen Moran
            Geoffrey and Joyce Stewart          Mozart Circle                      Bradford Morgan
                                                $1,500-$2,499                      Philip Morgan
            Tchaikovsky Circle                  Joy and Roger Burns                Tom and Ellen Nordquist
            $5,000-$9,999                       Carol and Thomas Bruce             Dr. John O’Brien and Ms. Jill LeBlanc
            Christine and Gregory Gallagher     Rob and Stephanie Cozzone          Jim and Mary Quinlan
            Becky and Jim Garrett               Phillip and Susan Davis            Andrew and Marilyn Simon
            Robert and Donna Pineau             Bill and Paula Harris              Marcy Stanton
            Addy Press and Jim Parkhurst        Thomas and Linda Hurley            Malcolm and Carol Stone
            Calder and Tom Reardon              Lou and Sue Jannetty               Mary Toropov
            Nathan and June Withington          David and Terry Katz               Marianne Trevisani
                                                Elizabeth and Steven Pineault      Jason Wolfson
                                                Barbara Posner Ward                James and Louise Woodruff
                                                Pauline and Richard Serkey
                                                Bob and Jane Vanderlin
                                                Gene and Marcy Weiner
                                                Joan White

            To learn more about becoming a member of this distinguished leadership group, please contact Kim Corben, Executive Director at 508-746-8008.
            All are welcome to join the Composers’ Society at any time during the year.

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