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Celebrating the Phil family

                                         CHRISTOPHER ADAMS
                                         Production Stage Manager

                                         Quietly and efficiently working behind the scene before, during and after every performance
                                         is Phil production stage manager Chris Adams. As the mastermind of making sure the entire
                                         concert runs flawlessly, Chris coordinates the technical logistics and ensures that the lighting,
                                         audio and visibility needs of the event are met. He also takes care of anything the conductor
                                         or the musicians need and is responsible for the “run of the show” to make sure everything
                                         happens when it should.  His first concert with the Phil was the July 4th waterfront concert in
                                         2005. At the time he was the production stage manager for the Cape Symphony, and it was
                                         principal trumpet Phil Hague, who played for both orchestras, who recruited Chris to join the
                                         Phil. The 2019-2020 season, was Chris’s farewell season with the orchestra, and we wish him
                                         the very best in his well-deserved retirement.

                                         THE G. HERBERT CLARK AWARD
                                         Edward Perry, the owner and operator of the family-run radio station WATD was honored as
                                         the 2020 recipient of the Clark Award at the September, 2019 Bravo Breakfast. As the Phil’s long-
                                         time broadcast media partner, 95.9 WATD and the Perry family have been stalwart supporters
                                         of the orchestra for years, introducing the Phil to new audiences across the South Shore. Ed and
                                         his staff produce on-air interviews and stories featuring Music Director Steven Karidoyanes, live
                                         broadcasts of the July 4th concert each year, as well as the popular concert ticket give-a-ways.
                                         Ed ‘s interest in broadcasting began as a child when he received a wireless microphone as a
                                         birthday gift and began entertaining his neighbors on AM radio with songs played from a wind-
                                         up Victrola. That Victrola is now on display in the WATD lobby.

                                         MEET NEAL HAMPTON
                                         A vital member of our orchestra family, but one who is rarely seen by the audience, is Neal
                                         Hampton, our Assistant Conductor. Neal is at every rehearsal and every concert and covers for
                                         Steven Karidoyanes in the event of his absence. He also assists Steven balance the sound by
                                         moving to different seats within the hall.  Steven says “I don’t have the best seat in the house
                                         to be able to hear every instrument evenly. I rely on Neal’s keen ears to keep us in balance.”  To
                                         be an assistant, or cover conductor, is a challenging job. They have to be ready on a moment’s
                                         notice to step in and lead the orchestra, and must have a deep understanding of wide range of
                                         symphonic repertoire. Neal is also the Director of Orchestras at Brandeis University and Wellesley

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