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Robert and Deborah Gustafson  Denise Sheppard  Jane Clough Busi  Martha Johnston   Deborah Perron
           Deborah and Eric Guyer  Ms. Ruth Betty Shippee  Richard Collins  B. Boleyn and S. Kadar  Linda A. Peterson
           Peter and Teresa Hacunda  Linda F. Silvio  Ethel Conaxis      Stephen and Dina Karam  Dr. Bruce Pettersen
           Ms. Robena Haigh    Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Singer  Deborah Conrad  Patti Keagy        Susan Philp
           Ben and Janet Hanelt  Mr. Lawrence Sinsimer  Ms. Geri Cook    Mr. Petar Kecman     Ms. Irene Piccirilli
           Rose and Rich Havens  Mr. Scott C. and Mrs. Leigh B. Smith Kim and Simon Corben  Ms. Claudia Kennington  Ms. Christine Pieroni
           Ronald Herzberg     Mr. and Mrs. David Smith  Ms. Kelly Cornell  Merry and Kerry Kerber  Mr. John F. Pinto
           William J. Higgins  Marjorie Smith       Ms. Lucia Corvini    Judith Kerr          Ken Piva
           Pam, Greg and Ian Hinkle  Jackie Smith-Miller  Marian Costello  Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kevorkian  Roger and Kristina Randall
           Louise and Porter Hoagland  John F. Spence, Jr.  Shanna Cotti  Jone Kirkland       Kathleen Reddy-Smith
           Monica Horan        Caryn Stankewich     Diane Coyne          Kevin Krawiec        Margaret Reynolds
           Verna and Allen Hoyt  The Steadmans      Elizabeth K. Crispo  Andrew and Judy Kusmin  Janet Ritsko
           Priscilla Jesse     Nicholas Stephens    Marie Crompton       Diane and Curtis Kuta  Walter and Sara Rosenberger
           Dolores L. Johnson  Brad and Andrea Stokes  Karen Cruz        John and Patricia Lamonte  Ed and Erika Rosenberger
           Mr. and Mrs. Martin Kawadler  Jeanne Sullivan  Maria Curran   Ms. Kathleen LaNatra  Laura B. Rosenthal
           Harriette K. Kelly  Barry and Karen Swain  Carol and Mario D’Ambrosio  Rick and Sharon LaRosa  Joan Rugani
           Anne Kerrebrock     Stephen Syriala      The Family of Bruce Dancause  William B. Lindsay  Ken Allen and Hugh Russell
           Eileen Kimmett      JoAnn Taft Blakely   Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Darcy  Ms. Amanda Lindvall  Ms. Alice Sadler
           Russ and Michaelene Krey  Mr. and Mrs. Robert Taylor  Bruce Davenport  Judy and John Livingstone  Robert and Mary Lou Sadowski
           Dr. and Mrs. Clarence Kylander  Joanne Temperly  Ms. Kathy Dellapa  Karen Lopes    Susan and Cotty Saltonstall
           Carol E. Lamb       Paul and Debra Tinkham  Janet Dentino     Nancy LoRe           Pamela Sargent
           Gene and Joan LaRowe  Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Todd  Evelyn Dewar  Andrew Loretz     Carol Bonner Saulny
           Ken and Pam Larson  Michael and Ginny Travers  Anne and Joe Dillon  Carol Loring   Wren Saunders
           Paula and Jim LaRue  Charles and Cheryl Tufankjian  Mr. Carmen A. DiMaggio  Paul F. Loud  Dennis Savoie
           Mr. and Mrs. Peter Lawrence  Charlie and Martha Vautrain  Kathy Doyle  Vinton and Beth Ludwig  Steven Schrader
           Lyle E. Lawrence    The Vickstrom Family  Evelyn Drake        Tom and Mary Madden  Lynda Schuchman
           Karl Lekberg and Ginny Davis  John and Carolyn Watson  Ms. Josephine DuBiel  Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Maglione  Andrea and Burkhard Schuettler
           Joyce B. Levinson   Holly and Chris Wenger  Paulette Dubois   Mark Mancini         Mr. and Mrs. Richard Shara
           Lowell and Susan Liles  Richard and Karen Whitney  Mary and Bernie Dupuis  Nancy Markley  Harry and Joan Shea
           Bill and Judy Lutz  Lynn Wirth           Ms. Maria Dyson      Mr. Robert Marks     Marlene and Larry Shobert
           Calum and Judith MacLachlan  Corinne and Steve Woodworth  Ms. Christine Emond  Kathy and Don Marshall  Mr. Marc Silva
           Martha L. Magnuson  Cookie and Paul Zaniboni  Michelle Enos   Mr. John Martel      Carol Skill
           Buddy and Janet Marx  Dennis and Ruth Zicko  Cynthia Espanola and David Walinski Kathleen Martin  Ms. Jane Smallcomb
           Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Massie               Moira Fanning        Jessie F. Martin     Mr. and Mrs. Paul Smith
           Mr. and Mrs. Donald Masur  Friends       Robin Feltoon        Karl and Anne Mason  Donna Snethen
           Phil and Jane McNiff                     Ms. Sara Ferguson    Loretta May          Jan Spence
           Tom and Karen McTigue  (Up to $100)      Mary Ferron          Mary McBrady         J. Stevenson
           Middleborough Cultural Council  Anonymous (2)  Mr. Bill Fife  Stephen McCabe       Ms. Leigh Stewart
           Patrice Minton      Mr. Matthew Adams    Kathy Flynn          Harry and Sharon McCormick  Virginia and Reed Stewart
           Ms. Gloria Moran    Erin Admirand        Margaret Fogarty     Jim and Carol McEachern  Norma Stiner
           Gwen Morgan         Donna Admirand       Judith and Ken Fosdick  Norma McElhenny   Elizabeth Tassinari
           Rick and Karen Moriarty  Ms. Margaret Ahern  Helen L. Fowler  Tim and Diane McGee  Mr. and Mrs. Steven Telford
           Geri and Nancy Mortland  Jane and Bob Alcarez  Mr. and Mrs. Robert Francis  Jacqueline McGoodwin  Bonnie Templeman
           Daniel and Bonnie Murphy  Frank and Jan Alsheimer  Judith Freeman  Catherine McKenna  The Vertex Foundation
           Dr. and Mrs. Walter Murphy  AmazonSmile Foundation Donation  Dan Carlson and Colleen Gallagher  Michelle McMahon  The Therrien Family
           Toni and Jeff Musser  Carolyn and Dana Atanian  Marion Galvin  Kevin and Joanne Minnaert  Mr. John Thomson
           Mr. Stephen Nelson  Dianne Austin-Young  Mr. and Mrs. Russell Garland  Francis Moccaldi  Elizabeth Townsend
           Tony Nuzzo          Nicholas Bachynski   Ms. Dottie Gay       Robert and Heather Mohr  Mr. Kenneth Turgeon
           Judy and Tom Orlandi  Mr. and Mrs. Bronius Banaitis  Susan Gillespie  Mary Montanari  Paula Vasconcellos
           Mary Orne           Lisa Barnett         John and Kathleen Gillespie  Ms. Judith Moretti  Elise Vaun Hefflyunn
           Charles and Paula O’Rourke  Meryl Baxter  Michelle Gilmore    Alma Morrison        Russell VerNooy
           Pat and Ian Orr     Dianne Beaton        Suzanne Goldberg     David Morrison       Thomas and Victoria Vogenberger
           Lois and Kenneth Paul  Ron and Susan Benizio  Paul and Barbara Gray  Robert Mullen  Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Vose, III
           Pamela Pelletier    Mr. Wayne Besegai    Elaine Guilfoyle     Judith Mullin        Stanley Walker
           Ken and Dorothy Pentheny  Fanny Bolanos  Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Guittarr  Susan and Stephen Mulrean  Julie Walsh
           Pam and Alan Plant  Andrew Botieri       Ms. Sarah Gwynn      Ms. Janet Murphy     Mike and Julianne Walsh
           Mr. and Mrs. W. John Powell  Tom and Sheri Bouchie  Ms. Barbara Haas  Alan and Pam Murray  Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Walsh
           Grant and Gerri Presby  Michael and Catherine Bousquet  Bob and Jane Hale  Dana and Kim Narlee  Lois and Arnold Weiss
           Dorothy and Leighton Price  Phyllis T. Bradley  Nancy Hamberger  William and Katherine Neville  Eleanor and Steve Weitzman
           Mr. and Mrs. William Reardon  Melissa and William Bristol  Neal Hampton  Shannon Nichols  Betty White
           Larry and Gail Reed  Russell and Janice Brown  Ms. Amy Hancock  Terri Nowell       Betty White-Rose
           Ellen Remlinger     Mrs. Marjorie Burgess  Sergio Harnais     June O’Neil          Mr. and Mrs. James Williams
           James and Jeanne Richardi  Marcia and James Byrne  Gail Ann Harris  Mary Ott       Amber Wilson
           Dan and Donna Rodriguez  William Cady    Prudence Hartshorn   David and Laurie Otten  Jackie and Steve Winokur
           Olga and Dick Rothschild  Mr. Kevin Campbell  Mr. Charles Hill  Robert and Evelyn Packer  Ms. Paula Wolfe
           Carol Roupenian     Christine Caramanica  Ms. Aun Holland     Pamela Palmer        Jewel Woodside
           Peter and Catherine Rowden  Maureen Carey  Beverly Hovey      Leanne Pander        Wendela Yeo Correia
           Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Sanders  Ms. Marisa Carpeggiani-Hamilton  Leon and Maureen Hull  Diana Patten  Ms. Diane Yurkewicz
           Erland and Heidi Seavey  Andrea Clary and Joan McFaul  Charlie and Meredith Hutchings  Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Pauk  Mr. and Mrs. James Zilinski
           Donald and Mary Severy                   Ms. Janice Jeanneault  David and Diane Peck  Fred Z.

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