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Philanthropy at the Phil

            PHILANTHROPY: A Greek term which directly translated means “love of mankind.” Philanthropy is an idea,
            event, or action that is done to better humanity.
            The word philharmonic literally means “music-loving” based on the Greek roots phílos (“loving”) and harmonía
            You love the Phil, and you love your community. Your generosity as a donor to the Phil – or, as a Phil-anthropist -
            makes the Phil a vibrant arts leader in the Plymouth community, making our region a better place to live, work and play.


            Supporting the Phil makes good business sense. Leaders on the South Shore
            know the important role the arts play in our community, and they value the
            vitality of live orchestral music. Business sponsorship can provide a platform for
            brand visibility, as well as client appreciation and entertainment opportunities.
            the Phil is grateful for sponsorship of concerts and events at all levels.

            Philanthropists who give at the leadership level become members of our
            Composers Society, a group of passionate supporters whose visionary
            investment in the Phil strengthen the orchestra’s financial health and makes it
            possible for the Phil to sustainably navigate uncertain circumstances, such as
            those created by the coronavirus crisis.


            Gifts to the Phil Fund directly benefit the Phil’s ongoing operations and enhance
            the audience experience. Donations of any size are welcomed and all gifts
            make a difference. Community donors help us reach new audiences across the
            South Shore while keeping our concerts accessible and ticket prices affordable.
            We especially appreciate the contributions of current donors and subscribers.
            This demonstrates that we have strong and committed supporters who believe
            in our mission and goals. Thank you!

            MATCHING GIFTS
            Many companies match employee and retiree gifts. This is a great way to
            double or even triple your contribution! Check online to see if your company
            matches gifts, or contact your HR office for details. Matching gifts generally
            require little more than a simple form and are an easy way to make an even
            greater impact.

            The Phil’s educational outreach and community programs would not exist
            without the support of family and corporate foundations. Contributions from
            grants help to further the mission of the Phil to provide a wide-range of live
            music and educational programs.

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