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The Organization 2019-2020

                             Plymouth Philharmonic Orchestra

                                      STEVEN KARIDOYANES, Music Director & Conductor

                                               Kim Corben, Executive Director


                                               Heidi Boyd, Director of Philanthropy
                                                   Diana Caprio, Bookkeeper
                                             Caroline Chapin, Development Manager
                                             Patricia Cronin, Administrative Assistant

                                                Kara McEachern, Office Manager
                                               Holly Wenger, Marketing Manager

                                           OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS

                           Paul Jean, Chair, Board of Directors   Karen McArdle
                           Bridgewater State University
                                                                  Elizabeth Pineault, Immediate Past Chair
                           Michael Keys, Vice Chair               Pineault CPA

                           Gene Weiner, Clerk                     Jim Quinlan
                           Weiner International Associates        With Integrity Wealth Management

                           Andrew Simon, Treasurer                Geoffrey Stewart
                                                                  Newfield House
                           Deborah Bowen
                           Maine Pointe, LLC                      Mary Toropov
                                                                  LKA Fundraising & Communications
                           Robert Cozzone
                           Rockland Trust                         Paul Gross
                                                                  Orchestra Representative, ex officio

                                                   HOW TO REACH US
                                                    By phone: 508-746-8008
                                               By email: [email protected]
                                             By mail: P.O. Box 3174, Plymouth, MA 02361
                                             Our office: 116 Court Street, Plymouth, MA

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