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In Partnership With Our Community                                                2019-2020 Partners

                                                                                             Partnerships between the Phil
                                                                                             and these local and national
                                                                                             organizations help strengthen
                                                                                             the orchestra and allow us
                                                                                             to increase our community
                                                                                             Gatehouse Media
                                                                                             Laura’s Center for the Arts,
                                                                                             Emilson YMCA
                                                                                             League of American Orchestras

                                                                                             Massachusetts Cultural Council

                                                                                             Pilgrim Hall Museum
                                                                                             Plymouth Area Coalition for
                                                                                             the Homeless
                                                                                             Plymouth Area Community
                                                                                             Plymouth Bay Cultural District
            Each season the Phil works to enlarge the circle of funding partners engaged in
            supporting our education and outreach programs. From expanding in-school         Plymouth Center for Active
            programs and free community concerts, to reaching underserved audiences, the Phil   Living
            continues to increase its impact on our community thanks to the generosity of these   Plymouth County
            supporters. We thank them for their belief in our work.                          Development Council

                                                                                             Plymouth 400, Inc.
              2019-2020 Education and Outreach Sponsors                                      Plymouth Public Library

              Fred J. Brotherton Charitable Foundation                                       Plymouth Public Schools
              The Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation                                        Plymouth Visitor Services
              Howard Family Foundation                                                       Board

              IBM Community Grants                                                           South Shore Community
                                                                                             Action Council
              Marinus and Minna B. Koster Foundation
                                                                                             South Shore Conservatory
              Massachusetts Cultural Council
              Henry E. Niles Foundation, Inc.                                                Talking Information Center
              Pilgrim Bank Foundation                                                        Trustees of Reservations

              Plymouth Education Foundation                                                  WATD- 95.9 FM
              Rockland Trust Charitable Foundation
              Esther and Alcide Ruffini Charitable Trust
              The Salah Foundation
              (a private foundation by invitation only)
              South Shore Playhouse Associates
              Spooner Trust
              Town of Plymouth Visitors Services Bureau

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