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Our Commitment to Education

            The Phil’s free outreach and education programs annually reach thousands of South
            Shore residents, and are designed to inspire a lifelong love of music in people of
            all ages. Initiatives include interactive in-school programs, a music scholarship, free
            community concerts and pre-concert lectures by Maestro Karidoyanes. The Phil is
            committed to include young musicians annually in selected concert performances.
            Our longtime partnerships with the Plymouth Public Library, the Center for Active
            Living, South Shore Conservatory, the Town of Plymouth and local school systems
            across the South Shore are central to the success and growth of these programs.

            Music Immersion is a comprehensive program for students in elementary schools,
            that combines classroom visits by small ensembles of Phil musicians with the
            participating students attending a year-end concert by the full orchestra at Memorial
            Hall. This program is offered on a bi-annual basis, alternating years with Link Up.
            Created by Carnegie Hall’s Weill Music Institute, the Phil ran Link Up as a pilot program
            in 2017 and the program was met with acclaim and enthusiasm by both students
            and teachers. Today the program is part of the Phil’s ongoing outreach efforts. During
            this participatory program, students sing and play the recorder in the classroom, and
            then perform with the orchestra from their seats at the year-end, capstone concert.
            A hallmark of Link Up is its inventive curriculum design and flexibility. The Phil is
            honored to be one of the 120 orchestras around the world taking part in Link Up.
            Due to school closures during the Covid-19 pandemic during the spring, this year’s
            Link Up program will resume during the 2020-2021 academic year. Special thanks to
            our program sponsors for their flexibility during these unusual circumstances.


            The annual Family Concert welcomes audience members of all ages and features
            an hour-long program of lively symphonic works that are accessible to novice ears,
            yet pleasing to seasoned concert goers. Preceding this concert is a fun, hands-on
            instrument demonstration by Phil musicians. Ticket prices are kept low to ensure that
            these performances are affordable for families.

            The Family Concert annually features student musicians such as the Plymouth
            Children’s Chorus. This past March was the 14th consecutive year that the Phil
            presented young choristers in this popular concert. A special partnership between
            the schools and the orchestra, this tuition- free chorus gives children the opportunity
            to perform at a high musical level with a professional orchestra. The Edgar & Pauline
            Main Family Foundation is a dedicated sponsor of both the concert and the chorus.

                             IN A TYPICAL YEAR,
                                PHIL EDUCATION        2,500                       15
                             PROGRAMS REACH           students                 schools
                                                                            across the
                                                                          South Shore

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